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Avasara was originally incorporated as TRCFinancial and Management Services Pvt. Ltd vide Certificate of Incorporation dated24th May, 1994 issued by Registrar of Companies, N.C.T of Delhi & Haryana.


The Company was converted into Public Limited Company during the year and accordingly its name was changed as TRC Financial and Management Services Limited. On 8th November1994, the name of the Company was changed to TRC Financial Services Limited. The name of the Company has been changed to Avasara Finance Limited with effect from 12th January 2022.


Avasara being a NBFC Company engaged in the business of Loan Finance, investment etc.





Sr. No Name of the Director
1 Korodi Sanjay Prabhu
2 Naresh Gandhi
3 Uma Prasad Bontha
4 Valmeekanathan Subramanian
5 Sabarinath Goplalakrishnan